Are you looking for educational support for your children? And some free time for yourself?

We offer lessons and workshops for homeschooled children between 9:30am and until 3:30pm. 

Tailor-made solutions depending on your child(ren’s) needs. Also possible to combine lessons and free-play, cooking or nature/outdoor activities for a half-day or full-day.

  • Playgroups in English or French (3-6 year olds) 2h immersion in the language with activities such as singing songs, playing games, telling stories, crafting and cooking. Group of minimum 4 participants.
  • Language lessons (6-18 years old) Different levels. 1h lessons are divided in three parts: 20 minutes with a workbook to learn grammar and structure, 20 minutes reading/understanding to develop vocabulary, 20 minutes playing games to stimulate oral expression. Exam preparation on request. Group lessons or private. Possible online.
  • Music lessons (4+ years) Individual 30 minute-lessons (Piano, guitar, violin, drums, singing).
  • Diversity workshops – World suitcase project – Exploring one or more countries with original suitcases filled with objects, images and pedagogical materials and related activities. These animations allow children to discover countries using their five senses. Adapted according to the age of participants. Group of minimum 4.

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