Music lessons

Piano, guitar, cello, violin, saxophone, drum or singing lessons 

Private lessons in our music studio with multi-talented and passionate musician, Stéphane Goemans.  He  graduated from the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels in 2000, and teaches both adults and children.  The lessons are adapted to the age and abilities of the child and last 30 minutes.

When:  Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, Wednesday afternoons or Sunday all day.

Where: Prins Karellaan 45, 3090 Overijse. (Access through the garage door)

The commitment is for the whole school year,  or minimum a trimester.  There can be just one postponed lesson per trimester if the lesson is cancelled 48h before. This enables us to propose it to another student. The new date and time of the postponed lesson depends on the teacher’s availability.