Internal regulations


Children should wear comfortable clothing and must take off their shoes inside the facilities for all activities except the cooking workshops.  For creative workshops, aprons or a protected layer of clothing is highly recommended. Chewing gum is not permitted. Culture Kids is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Occasional classes cancelled due to illness or holidays during the term for which tuition has been paid cannot be recovered during the semester. In order to facilitate planning and organization of activities, please notify the child’s absence in advance by phone or email.


If a child is unable to attend several activities due to last minute injury or illness, Culture Kids will not refund the tuition as costs have been incurred. If a replacement is found to cover the absence, and another child can benefit from the activity, credit can be given for a future activity, valid for 12 months.


We make every reasonable effort to ensure the safety of children in the Culture kids facilities and while they are in the welcome area. Parents or carers are responsible for the safe entry and exit of their children and for the behaviour of siblings. Due to the neighbouring residential apartments, and access through the interior parking (reserved only for residents), we explicitly ask parents or carers to keep the noise level to a strict minimum when accessing the facilities.

Behavioural Issues

If a child is being disruptive, destructive, or dangerous to themselves, other children, or staff members during class, we will make every effort to work with parents and the child in question to resolve this behaviour. If the behaviour persists the child in question will be asked to take a break from the class or event.