Cultural Education

Do children need Cultural Education?

Culture is what shapes our world and our personal development. Different languages, traditions, beliefs and folklore reveal a lot about where we come from and who we are. We currently live in multi-cultural societies, as travelling around the world has become so accessible, we often find ourselves in an enriching melting-pot of different cultures.  It is certainly the case here in Brussels, at the heart of Europe. 

This is also true for schools, and why I believe cultural education has become essential. At a very young age, children don’t notice differences in skin colors, clothing, eating habits or customs. We are all one and the same beautiful human species. 

However, when children start school, certain differences can be pointed at, misunderstood or even criticized.  It seems obvious that most fears come from the unknown, and we are afraid of what is unusual. 

By providing knowledge and experience in a safe environment, children develop their natural curiosity, achieve understanding and mutual respect. That is exactly what is needed for the future generations to live in harmony together on this beautiful planet. 

Our differences are what enrich us and make us unique, so let’s share knowledge and build bridges instead of walls.    

So, what is cultural education

Cultural education consists in the development of all arts, music, language, literature, and world heritage. It contributes to knowledge transfer, personal development and participation in society.  It enables children to develop certain talents and introduces them to aesthetics and ethics to express their feelings and assign meaning to the world around them. 

Cultural education enables children to discover ways of learning and communicating which are respectful to themselves and others. It promotes historical awareness, contributes to understanding individual identities and encourages creative, inquisitive attitudes that can benefit them throughout their lives. 

Culture Kids was founded on these beliefs, and through collaboration with different embassies, we dive into the heart of different cultures and countries to discover the world through unique learning journeys. These journeys are proposed to schools, and to families for special events and holiday camps. 

We have already explored Mexico and Sweden, and at the moment, we’re down under, in Australia. !!

Help us to spread the word (and the world) to your child(ren)’s school, to develop this project and give them the opportunity to “travel” to unique destinations. 

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