General conditions


KIDS CULTURE KIDS Limited Liability Private Company, hereinafter referred to as “CULTURE KIDS”, BCE 0697.735.153, whose head office is located at 3090 OVERIJSE, Brusselsesteenweg 624, develops learning and leisure activities for children aimed at raising awareness of multiculturalism. To this end, CULTURE KIDS manages a cultural center that:

– organizes various holiday camps for children,
– organizes courses, including language courses for children,
– organizes extracurricular cultural activities for children, such as music lessons, dance classes, etc.,
– organizes birthdays for children under the theme of discovering a country and its related culture.

The organization of CULTURE KIDS activities is done through a partnership with different embassies present in Belgium.

These general conditions define the contractual relationship between CULTURE KIDS on the one hand and the customer (hereinafter the “CLIENT”) on the other hand.

These general conditions are applicable only, excluding any general or specific conditions of the CLIENT that CULTURE KIDS has not expressly accepted in writing.

CULTURE KIDS may modify these general conditions of sale at any time, provided that these changes appear on the website The conditions online at the time of booking remain applicable for this registration. The CUSTOMER is supposed to have read and accepted all clauses without reservation.

The registration by the CUSTOMER of his child to an activity organized by CULTURE KIDS is only online, via the website To register your child for an activity, the CLIENT must choose the “Registration” tab and complete the form provided for this purpose. As soon as she receives the registration request, CULTURE KIDS will send a confirmation to the CLIENT by email.

The maximum number of children per activity is limited to 12 or 24 depending on the activity chosen. The enrollment of a child in an activity organized by CULTURE KIDS is therefore always under the suspensive condition that there are still places available for the activity chosen by the CLIENT.

If there are no more places available for the activity chosen by the CLIENT, he will be informed and will have the opportunity to choose another activity.

For a period of fourteen (14) days following the sending of the application for registration, the CUSTOMER who wishes to exercise his right of retraction by sending an email to the address After this period, any registration confirmed will become final and will give rise to a payment obligation on the part of the CLIENT. No subsequent cancellation, for any reason (illness, accident, …), will be possible.
By registering his child for an activity, the CLIENT accepts the list of prices published on the website

Prices quoted by CULTURE KIDS are denominated in euros, including VAT. Any increase in VAT or any new tax that would be imposed between the time of registration and that of the activity will be charged to the CLIENT

CULTURE KIDS reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, without prior notification, it being understood however that the price published on the website at the time of registration made by the CLIENT remains applicable for this registration .

CULTURE KIDS invoices are payable at the CULTURES KIDS head office no later than fifteen (15) days after the billing date.

Any complaint relating to an invoice must be sent in writing, to the head office of CULTURE KIDS, eight (8) calendar days after its reception. Otherwise, the CUSTOMER will no longer be able to contest this invoice.

Any unpaid invoice at maturity will, ipso jure and without prior notice, produce a default interest calculated at the legal rate. Any invoice unpaid at the end of the term will, in addition and after the sending of a formal notice by registered mail, plus a fixed compensation of 15% of the amount remaining unpaid as damages and interest fixed and irreductible, with a minimum of 50 euros per invoice.

If the invoice price is not paid at the end of the term, the registration will be automatically canceled and CULTURE KIDS will be entitled to refuse to accept the CUSTOMER’s child for the chosen activity.

The internal rules and regulations (hereinafter “the ROI”) of CULTURE KIDS are published on the website and form an integral part of these terms and conditions. By accepting these terms and conditions, the CUSTOMER acknowledges and accepts the ROI.

CULTURE KIDS is a registered trademark on which CULTURE KIDS S.P.R.L. enjoys an exclusive right of exploitation. Any reproduction, use or affixing of the said mark, without the prior authorization of CULTURE KIDS S.P.R.L., is prohibited.
It is also reminded that the photographs, images, drawings and logos found on the website culturekids.bes are considered to be copyright protected works. Any unauthorized use of any of these works is prohibited.
In general, the domain name, the data, the programs, the musical samples, the texts, the information, the logos, the visual identities, the animated images or not and their formatting appearing on the site www.culturekids. will own the property of CULTURE KIDS BVBA and are protected as such by the provisions of the Code of Economic Law. The CLIENT undertakes not to use them and to allow anyone to use this content for illegal purposes. Any representation or reproduction, total or partial, permanent or temporary, on a computer and / or paper, and by any process whatsoever, of any of the elements of the site, without the prior and express agreement of CULTURE KIDS SPRL, is prohibited and constitutes an act of counterfeit which may lead to civil and / or criminal convictions. Only paper printing is permitted for private copying purposes for the exclusive use of the copier.
No hyperlinks to the website culturekids.bene can be created without the prior and express agreement of CULTURE KIDS S.P.R.L.
CULTURE KIDS is and remains the owner of all intellectual property rights in the works, inventions, designs and models that it will be required to create, invent, produce or use in the context of the activities it organizes. Registration for an activity does not involve any transfer of intellectual property rights for the benefit of the CLIENT on these works, inventions, designs and models or tools.

The methods and know-how held and used by CULTURE KIDS in the context of the activities it organizes constitute business secrets within the meaning of Article I.17 / 1 (1) of the Code of Economic Law.
The use or disclosure by the CUSTOMER of the business secrets of CULTURE KIDS that he would have obtained during the activities organized by the latter are strictly prohibited.
In general, the CUSTOMER will keep strictly confidential any data and information of any nature whatsoever belonging to or held by CULTURE KIDS, that it has expressly identified as confidential or that would be clearly non-public, made available to the CLIENT by CULTURE KIDS or of which the CUSTOMER could have known within the framework of the activities organized by CULTURE KIDS.
In case of doubt about the confidential or public nature of information belonging to or held by CULTURE KIDS, the CLIENT will have to ask CULTURE KIDS about this.
All documents issued as part of the activities organized by CULTURE KIDS, its tools and methods are confidential information.
It is prohibited for the CLIENT to use and disclose the confidential information of CULTURE KIDS.

By signing up on the website, the CUSTOMER adheres to these terms and conditions and agrees that his personal data are collected and used for the organization of CULTURE KIDS activities, as well as for promotional purposes.
When the CUSTOMER makes his registration on the website, CULTURE KIDS collects the following personal data of the CLIENT: the name, the sex, the address, the telephone number and the email address.
CULTURE KIDS undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of personal data collected and not to sell, rent or communicate to third parties, except to technical subcontractors (host, etc.) or to comply with a legal obligation.
In accordance with the regulations in force, the CLIENT also enjoys the following rights:
the right of access to his personal data processed by CULTURE KIDS,
the right to obtain a copy of his personal data processed by CULTURE KIDS,
the right to request the correction of personal data processed by CULTURE KIDS,
the right to oppose the processing of his personal data by CULTURE KIDS,
the right to limit the processing of his personal data by CULTURE KIDS,
the right to request the erasure of his personal data processed by CULTURE KIDS,

The customer can exercise his rights free of charge by contacting CULTURE KIDS, controller, by email ( or by post at 3090 OVERIJSE, Brusselsesteenweg 624
The personal data collected will be kept only for the time necessary to meet the purposes indicated above.
The website uses certain cookies to make the reception of the CUSTOMER more user-friendly (eg to recognize the language of preference). The CUSTOMER may refuse the use of these cookies if his browser allows it.

CULTURE KIDS offers activities that can stimulate children’s interest in culture. It is held in this regard only by an obligation of means and can in no way be held responsible for a lack of interest in the child for the activity chosen by the CLIENT.
During activities organized by or at the CLIENT, the latter is responsible for the children participating in the activity. Under no circumstances will CULTURE KIDS be liable for damage or damage caused by or to children participating in the activity. The same applies to activities organized in CULTURE KIDS ‘schools or premises, but under the supervision of teachers or the CLIENT.

The activities of CULTURE KIDS are suspended in case of occurrence of a fortuitous event or force majeure which would prevent the organization. CULTURE KIDS will advise the CLIENT of the occurrence of such event as soon as possible.
The suspension of an activity following a case of force majeure shall not give rise to the right to the reimbursement of the price paid by the CLIENT.

Any dispute directly or indirectly relating to the contractual relations of CULTURE KIDS with the CLIENT is the exclusive competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Brussels.

The contractual relations of CULTURE KIDS with the CLIENT are governed by Belgian law.