Creative photography in English


8 places available


Grow your imagination into imagery.

A 3 month after-school program for children (10+) to learn to “See like a Photographer” as they transform ordinary surroundings into extraordinary photos.

After covering a few fundamentals, we will spend our time each week exploring lots of fun techniques and creative projects like magical macro photography, and forced perspective.

Children will have access to professional digital cameras, lights, and lenses, though many of the concepts they will learn can be repeated at home with a phone camera.

We will also dive into digital editing techniques, zine making, collage, as well as printing photos for display. A laptop or tablet is helpful but not required. Also included is a deck of 54 “Learn Photography” cards.

Every Thursday from 16:30 – 18:30, September – December.

With American photographer Jason Kravitz.

Address: Prins Karellaan 45, 3090 Overijse